The success of your project is our reward


The success of your project is our reward

"Tenbury International is a very good accountancy firm that will help you through the process and is very efficient.

We always had good discussions and Tenbury International was always able to respond quickly and efficiently. Everything went very smoothly. There was no need to reiterate or rephrase the request, which was immediately understood.

The discussions are always friendly and we particularly appreciate the human dimension of the firm, the good exchanges and the fact that the managers are operational."

Luc Morice, Managing Director, Admemori

"Tenbury International is, in our opinion, the best accountancy firm in London for French-speaking SMEs.

We recommend their professionalism and the quality of their listening."

Didier Moulin, Managing Director, Millcorp

"Tenbury International is a firm of accountants that is very attentive, available and responsive.

The fact that the Tenbury International team speaks French is invaluable to our company.

I would recommend their services to any business needing to be able to communicate in French and English. They offer a wide range of specialities and services with very friendly and attentive staff.

I feel that every customer, regardless of size or structure, is important to Tenbury International. That's why we've been their loyal customer ever since our company was founded."

Rachael Reaich, Branch Manager, Bespoke Approach UK

"The Tenbury International team is highly available and responsive, making us feel like a privileged customer.

Tenbury International is a firm that listens, delivers serious, personalised work and also knows how to advise its clients.

Warmth and empathy are a double strength for Tenbury".

Sandra Negroni, Subsidiaries Management Assistant, Blanchon UK

"Tenbury International is a serious and competent French-speaking firm. They offer rigorous follow-up and a relationship of trust".

Kevin Rivaton, Chairman, Cristal Group International

"Tenbury International stands out for the quality of its work, its responsiveness and the proximity of the team in charge of our project.

We appreciate their ability to bridge the gap between a French parent company and the specific characteristics of its UK subsidiary.

We recommend Tenbury International to other companies because of the quality of the human and commercial relationship we have with this firm."

Benjamin Ducloux, CFO, Eki:metrics

"In the context of our need, Tenbury International is unique.

In the 8 years we've been working with them, they've always been reliable and respected the deadlines imposed on our subsidiary.

We appreciate the agility of the service, the ease of access and the answers to questions and issues.

Working with Tenbury International is a pleasure because of their knowledge and precision in the effective management of our company in England.

Théodore Michel Vrangos, Co-founder - Managing Director, I-Tracing Ltd

Théodore Michel Vrangosi Tracing Ltd

"Tenbury International offers the advantage of working with a French-speaking accountancy firm based in the UK.

The Tenbury International team is very attentive and very welcoming.

They offer support in all areas. Explanations in French make it easier to understand certain technical points, such as taxation.

It's very reassuring, when you're discovering a new country, to feel that you're in good hands".

Yannick Gérard, General Secretary, LGM Group

"We appointed Tenbury International as they were UK-based and we were looking for a company who could easily speak with our colleagues in Belgium.

They offer a tailor-made service by being very aware of our "unique" company organisation and are very helpful.

We feel that we are dealing with someone who knows and understands our business.

We appreciate Tenbury International's informal, friendly and always available approach."

Jacopo Pavesi, SOL Group

"Tenbury International offers us personalised support for our project, with a team that is human in scale, competent and responsive."

Valerie Nancey, Finance Director, Epiconcept UK

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Non-binding preliminary project consultation

Discuss your project in complete confidentiality with specialists.

Non-binding preliminary project consultation

Discuss your project in complete confidentiality with specialists.